Crawley Fire Alarm Systems

We’ve installed fire alarms and fire detection systems in Crawley and Horley areas since 2004, with many local businesses relying on us to secure, monitor and protect  their property from fire.

With our network of local engineers, we design, install and maintain high-quality fire alarm systems and ensure rapid response times should you ever need us.

Our range of fire alarm and fire detction solutions include:

Residential Mains
Link Alarms

Nurse call systems

These fire alarms are ideal for domestic applications as they are quick and easy to install, and both wired and wireless link versions are available.

Ideal for: Domestic Installations

Fire Alarms

Smoke detector

These fire alarms communicate over the radio, removing the need for wiring, meaning the installation is less disruptive and easier to install.

Ideal for: Cheaper Installation Costs

Addressable Fire Alarms

Nurse call systems

These fire alarms allow detectors and call points to have a 'zone'. This prevents the need to search for the activation; the panel provides a descriptor for the exact location.

Ideal for: Larger Offices Buildings, and Factories

Conventional Fire Alarms

Fire Alarm Button

The most common type of fire system. All detectors and call points are wired in a circuit relating to a zone, when triggered it will tell you what zone the activation is in.

Ideal for: Smaller Offices Buildings, and Factories

Fire alarm and fire detection systems in Crawley

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Why use us as your fire alarm partner

Early Detection Technology

Our fire alarm systems are equipped with advanced detection mechanisms that identify signs of fire at the earliest stages

Asset Protection

Our systems provide extensive coverage, ensuring your facility is monitored and protected against the risk of fire.

Tailored Alarm Solutions

We tailor our fire alarm systems to meet the unique requirements and challenges of your business

Enhanced Employee Safety

By early detection systems enable swift evacuation, reducing the risk to lives and enhancing overall employee safety.

Minimise Property Damage

Early detection allows for immediate action, significantly reducing the potential for property damage and heavy costs.

Regulatory Compliance

Our state-of-the-art fire alarm systems ensure that your business is in compliance with fire safety regulations

You need a quality fire alarm to protect your people and premises

In the face of a fire, swift action can mean the difference between minor inconvenience and catastrophic loss. Fires can escalate quickly, leading to devastating damage and putting lives at risk.

The key is not just to respond but to anticipate and equip your premises with measures to detect and counteract fires at the outset.

Let's discuss your fire safety needs

Contact us to explore how we can tailor our state-of-the-art fire alarm systems to your unique requirements, ensuring optimal safety and peace of mind.

Trust us to be your partner for your fire protection needs!

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Get a modern fire alarm
Call: 0333 444 5 999

Primary fire alarm and detection benefits

Life saving and employee well-being

Early fire detection and prevention

People and property protection

Compliance and regulation

Reduced property damage

Reduced insurance premiums

Business continuity

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Other Fire Safety and Security Services in Crawley





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